Session Overview

At Maungawhau Playcentre in Auckland we run sessions from birth to six. We are a parent run centre, meaning we attend sessions WITH our children.

We learn about child development, positive guidance, supporting play, communicating and cooperating with children and other adultsĀ and by doing this training, ACHIEVE a NZQA approved national qualification.

Our termly donation is currently set at $50 per family.

We run 6 sessions a week, and minimum attendance is two sessions weekly. Older children (usually from 3) may attend independent sessions when criteria are met.

The Details

Currently our sessions are all held in the morning, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12.30.

We are also currently running an extra outdoor session held at a local park on a Monday morning.

Age Group
0-6 years
Session size
A maximum of 25 Children
$50 Per Term


Local Families growing together


Playcentre runs free adult education that can lead to an NZQA recognised qualification.


We believe parents are the first and best educators of their children